Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mickey's Holiday Season

Guys and Dolls:

What a weekend it must have been.  I woke up this morning ready to get the week off to a great start when PA ruined my mojo by telling me it was already Wednesday. 

And the scary thing is that Mickey's Holiday Season is just getting started!!

"OH Yeah, How can it get any better"

Consider these facts:
1.  This is NCAA Championship Weekend so, starting tomorrow night, Mickey's will have EVERY Conference Championship Game including the MAC on Thursday, The Pac-12 on Friday, and The SEC, ACC and Big Ten on Saturday.
2.  Draco Serpenis is back with GREAT acoustics on Thursday:
3.  $100 Team Trivia on Thursday
4.  The Cowboys vs. the Bears on Thursday
 (Have you noticed how fun Thursdays are getting at Mick's)
5.  80s Night with "Kustom Sound" is Friday
6.  50% Bonus Quick Draw is Friday from noon-2:00 and 5:00 - 8:00
7.  Friday we feature the MAC and Pac-12 Championships
8.  NCAA Championship Football ALL DAY Saturday
9.  "DJ Jeff" is back Saturday Night: and
10.  Football Funday with $2.00 Domestic Drafts ALL DAY Sunday

And that's just this week cause the rest of December includes:
Justin Raynor                              December 12
"Harbor Hill"                               December 13
"Kustom Sound" and 
Ugly Sweater Contest                  December 19
"Dying Broke"                             December 20
Mickey's Christmas Eve Bash     December 24
Brittany Thomas                          December 27
Mickey's New Year's Eve Party  December 31

"So many bottles to kill, so little time"
See You Here