Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This makes no sense

Guys and Dolls

I just received the word that Tioga Downs did not get recommended for a table game license.  Regardless of your feelings about the morality of gambling, how are we supposed to trust our State officials when their Casino Licensing Board:

1.  Grants the license designated to "revitalize" the Southern Tier to an applicant from Tyre, New York.  Tyre, NY is near Geneva, only 20 miles from Lake Ontario.  It is impossible to justify a Casino in this area having anything but a negative effect on the actual  Southern Tier of New York.

2.   Creates a casino corridor with three (3) casinos within 170 miles of each other along the NYS Thruway.   Rochester would have made more sense. 

3.  Disregards that Tyre is only 60 minutes from Turning Stone Casino.  As a result, the profitability of both will suffer.

4.  Fails to adequately weigh the contribution that Tioga Downs has already made to the economy of New York State in general and the Southern Tier specifically.  New York says it wants to attract and retain business.  Then, when given the opportunity to support an organization that, through its own funds and initiative, has greatly enhanced both local employment and tax bases, it fails miserably.

As result, the Southern Tier will lose jobs and local revenues will be severely dimensioned.  Clearly, more jobs to Syracuse and Rochester was not the intent when the Southern Tier designation was granted.