Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Cold Weather Solution

Guys and Dolls

News Flash:
It is VERY cold outside!!!!
News Flash #2:
Its Winter in the Northeast
News Flash #3
Its supposed to be very Cold in the Northeast in Winter

News Flash #4:
Its going to be HOT at Mickey's Tonight
And ALL Weekend 
That's right, tonight is Stage #1 of Mickey's Perfect Remedy for the "Boy its Cold" syndrome currently weeping the Valley!

Tell us more, Dr. Drew???????

Firstly and Mostly, Matt Roerhig returns after an 18 month absence.  Now, for you uninformed FOMs, Matt is one of the best Country Artists around.  He won a bunch of American Idol type contests locally, and is a huge favorite at Mickey's.
You do not want to miss him....he'll be on at 8:30 just following:

Secondly and almost as Mostly, Mr. Big Kicks Off the 2015 Team Trivia season with $100 Trivia!!!!!  Just make sure there's 5 teams and away we go!!! 

Thirdly, and a very close Third, it's 50% Bonus Quick Draw from 5:00 - 7:00!!!

Fourthly. as always, Its WING NIGHT

Okay, the choices are clear:
1.  Stay home and watch the weather channel; or
2.  Brave the elements all the way to Broad Street to hear great music, win lots of money, savor the bet wings in the valley, have a libation or two, and be with ALL you friends.

I thought so!!!!!

See you here

Upcoming Events
Friday:        "The Rightful Kings"
Saturday:    Justin Raynor
Sunday:        NFL Divisional Games
Monday:       The First Annual NCAA Championship Game
                       Including Pizza on the Bar, $.30 Wings  and 
                       Mickey's First Inventory Reduction Sale