Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dakota Moon, Olympics and More

Guys and Dolls

I just received official authoritative word that the weather will start warming up on March 7th (I just hope they meant this year).  That means FOMs just have to survive 10 More Days and we'll start to feel human again.  In fact, I just told PA that opening the Tiki Bar as soon as the temperature hits 40. (I will not relate her response).

So to hold us over til then, we got:

Tonight: Texas Hold'em/Omaha at 7:00 and 50% Bonus Quick Draw

Thursday: Team Trivia With Mr. Big

Friday:  Winter Bar Olympics with "Kustom Sound"

Saturday: Our Favorite Country with "Dakota Moon"

Sunday: Shoots of Booze and Pool Funday

See You Here