Thursday, February 19, 2015

Football, Wrestling, Trivia, Rock, and More

Guys and Dolls

Just checked the forecast and guess what???
It ain't getting any better....
Cold and Colder, Snow and Snowier.

So what a boy (or girl) to do????

Come to Mickey's is ALWAYS the best option..

Mickey's: Your Home For Indoor Sports

We got Trivia Tonight and will be giving away Pizza, Wings, Cash and Booze...  And as a special treat we'll have gourmet peanut butter pretzels for all contestants.
(I wanted to give away more cash but PA said........ I guess you can figure out what she said.

And ALL Day Friday, Saturday and Sunday it's
The NFL Combine a
And its Only at Mickey's 
And Friday Night we got:
"DJ Jeff"
from 8:00 til' 11:00

And Saturday, starting at 4:00 it's
The NCAA Wrestling
National Duel Meet Championships
And Its ONLY at Mickey's

And Saturday Night
Leave the Women and Children at Home cuz
"Dying Broke"
Is back with Heavy Metal and Rock

And Sunday
Its Funday Shots and Shots
Featuring, at 1:00
The NCAA Wrestling Duel Meet Final

And...the temperature is going to be OVER 32 degrees
So bring your bathing suits and suntan lotion.

See You Here