Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow Sale - Jumbo Wings 30 Cents

Guys and Dolls

We all know that the weather has away of affecting the minds ability to process information rationally, but this is ridiculous!!! 

Give me an example......

Well, I just got off the phone with PA and she told me to put our World Famous Jumbo Chicken Wings on sale for 30 cents a piece Today AND Tomorrow (She calling it a FOM Snow Sale)!!  "FOMs need a little break to keep their spirits up when the weather gets bad" she claims........

The Girl has simply gone too far and, as always, it was up to me to set her straight.  So I told her:

"There is NO WAY I'm letting you sell wings for less then they cost us.  I don't care if its snowing, the world's coming to an End or the Giants make the Super Bowl not!!!!! It Ain't Happening!!!!"

As a result:

Tonight and Tomorrow Mickey's will feature

Mickey's World Famous Jumbo Wings 
- Any Quantity, Any Flavor -
For 30 Cents a Wing 
The only stipulation is its EAT-IN only