Monday, March 16, 2015

The Biggest Week in the History of the Modern World

Guys and Dolls

As all FOMs know I,m a fairly level-headed bloke, reasonable in every way, and not one given to hyperbole.  So when I tell you that this week will be the
"Greatest Week in the History of the
Human Race"
you know its the truth.

I don't know how she did it, but PA put together a week and weekend like NO OTHER!!!!

Don't believe me????  ......  Oh yea of little faith!!!!

Tuesday is Mickey's St. Patty's (no not her) Day Bash. 
We have a full day of Irish Music (or as long as we can stand it), our world famous Reuben Pizza and Reuben Sandwiches, Real Leprechauns serving specially priced Green Beer, Big Bud Lights, Leprechaun Blood Green Shots, Royal Flushes, Long Island Iced Teas, Jameson, and Irish Car Bombs.  And because we truly appreciate your patronage....
The Best Giveaways of the Year ....
Tee Shirts, Hats, Jewelry and too much more to list.  
Hey!!!  Its St. Patty's Day...
We're Mickey's Pub...
What Did You Expect
Wednesday it's Texas Holdem' and Omaha
At 7:15
"Things Really Get Crazy Thursday"
The NCAA Wrestling Championships
start at noon and ONLY at Mickey's will you see
Round 2 Starts at 7:00
And to Make Things Even More Nuts
March Madness Also Starts At Noon  
So, starting at noon its non-stop NCAA Action
But That Ain't even close to being all.
We Got 50% Bonus Quick Draw at 5 and
Five-Man Team Trivia at 7
And it isn't even the Weekend yet!!!!
 "If You Can Believe It Friday"
Includes all the Wrestling and Basketball and
The Return Of
"Autumn Wind"
With Great Country and Classics
At a decibel level that will allow us to enjoy ALL the entertainment.
"Saturation Saturday"
Including the Wrestling Finals at 8:00
all Round of 16 March Madness games and
Mickey's Favorite
"The Rightful Kings"
"Reflection Sunday" 
Includes the Final 4 Games of the Round of 16
Shots of Pool and Booze
Like I said,
"The Greatest Weekend in the History of the
Civilized World"
(Mickey's Style)
See You Here