Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What a Summer.....If It Ever Gets Here

Guys and Dolls

Well its official!!!
I JUST received approval!!!
I Just ordered the materials!!!

"What are you talking about, dummy?"

All Mickey's summer entertainment will be live on the patio!!!

"Hey, stupid, what if it rains?"

It ain't goin' matter because, by May 15th Mickey's will have it's own covered stage!!!!!  That's right the ENTIRE south side of the patio is being converted to include a 28 foot by 12 foot raised stage with its own lighting, electric, other Kool stuff!!!

"Are you nuts????"

Well, yes, but that's a discussion for another time!!!

This is how I see the summer going
1.  Drinks at the Tiki Bar Every night.
2.  Live Entertainment under the stars Every Thursday - Saturday
3.  Pool, Trivia, Texas Holdem' and Juke/Sirius inside!

Its goin' be soooo kool that I told PA I just can't work this summer.  I have to manage the fun!!!!

 To which she said

"You just took the  WHOLE (expletive) WINTER OFF!!!
And if you don't get back to work I'm going to expletive expletive your expletive expletive."

To which I replied "Who runs this ship anyway??"

So, yes, its back to roofs, decks, porches, etc. etc. etc,... for me.

But as we wait for summer, Mick's has the perfect transitional program:

Wednesday: Texas Holdem' and Omaha at 7:15

Thursday:  50% Bonus Quick Draw
                    Team Trivia with Carrie
                    March Madness "Sweet Sixteen"

Friday:       Open Pool and Juke
                    March Madness "Sweet Sixteen"

Saturday:    "Dying Broke" 8:30
                     March Madness "Elite Eight"

Sunday:       Sunday Funday "Shots of Pool and Booze
                     March Madness "Elite Eight"

We Can't Wait!!!

See You Here