Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Karaoke at Mickeys

Guys and Dolls

So, PA asks Shauntel what she wants for her Big Five-0 surprise birthday bash.  And guess what she says!!!!

And I say "NO WAY"!!!!! 
I'm not goin' have a bunch of FOMs murdering hits and trying to get me to sing.

As a result, Saturday at 8:30 DJ Jeff will kick-off Shauntel's big celebration with the best Karaoke in the area.

So practice your scales and brush-up on your lyrics.....

We can't wait!!!!

And, speaking of birthday wishes, PA's own little AJ was asked what he wanted for his birthday (April 13) and he said "A night of drunken debauchery and poker. 
So come help us make his wish come true Tonight at 7:00 for Texas Holdem'/Omaha - and a WEE BIT of Honey..

See You Here