Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Major Announcements

Guys and Dolls

Big things are on Mickey's horizon and, finally, I have some dates to share with FOMs:

1.  The weekend of May 15th the Tiki Bar will open.  And  making this annual celebration even more exciting, that Friday, "The Best Bar in the World" opens our new outdoor music venue with Tim Wood and Ben Borko as its first act.  The new stage (28 feet by 12 feet) will allow Mickey's Live to feature music on the patio every Thursday thru Saturday all summer.  All FOMs are welcome to stop in and take a look as we put the final touches on the outside entertainment area.   There's a lot more to come and "We can't wait!!!!"

2.  This Thursday is the "Best Day of Mickey's Spring" when all eyes are on Round One of the NFL Draft.  All Channels and commentary from all networks and ONLY AT MICKEY'S.  Yes we will have Trivia and Yes it is Wing Night, but Mickey's means football...... "We Can't Wait"

3.  This Weekend, for the first time in almost two (2) years "The RedEyes" are back at Mickey's.  The Valley's Super Group at the Valley's Super Bar..... What could be better?  Well......Hows abouts "The RedEyes" on the Patio???  That will happen but we have to wait for mother nature to cooperate  a little bit more....... but if it gets warm, who knows???   "We Can't Wait

Finally, PA and I would like to thank all FOMs for their kind words and sentiments following the passing of my mother.  She loved Waverly, Mickey's, and, for some inexplicable reason, me.  She is missed everyday!!!!

See you here