Thursday, April 9, 2015

Master Week with Rhythm Road

Guys and Dolls

The Annual Rite of Spring kicks/tees off today with the first round of the 2015 Masters.

Mickey's live coverage starts everyday at 3:00 (except Sunday: 2:00).  And we will be scanning the networks for any other live action, but the "good old boys" at Augusta National just love to keep the mystique up be limiting the coverage and commercials.  And you really can't argue with them - It's always the most watched tournament of the year.

And speaking of sports, as we always do, The 2015 MLB Package is up and running and only at Mickey's.  So all you  FOMs baseball fans have no excuses:

very Game, Every Week is on at Mickey's

And, as A.J. pointed out, with the way the Yankees look ALL us front runners might want to take a closer look at the Nationals.

Tonight MXG is back behind the Mike for Team Trivia.  AJ will be bartending so I'll be looking for a team seeking false hope (no redemption).

And Friday, we ALL relax to Mickey Fave
"Rhythm Road". 

Then Saturday its Open Pool and Juke.

And the best day of the weekend will be even better this week cause, not only is it "Sunday Funday" with shots of booze and pool, we'll be watching the Final Round of the Masters.

Finally, let's all give a BIG shout out to Mickey's Power Team that literally lit'em up in North Carolina last Saturday. Courtney B., Courtney A. and Alex A. not only won but set numerous NYS records in the process. 

Pretty Kool!!!

See you here!