Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!

Guys and Dolls

What an opening night it was for Mickey's Live!!!

The Tiki was Packed
Tim and Ben were great!
The Stage was Spectacular!!
The weather was beautiful!!!
And Mickey's Favorite Matriarch had her best 39th ever!!!!
(I only wish I could remember more of it)

And guess what.....Tonight we get to get together and
"Do It Again"

The Tiki Opens at 5:00 which gives you plenty of time to
Get your bets in and Watch the Preakness at 6:15!!!
Heck, you can even watch it outside!!!

Then, just in time,
The best vocals anywhere float around the patio when
"Autumn Wind"
Mans "Mickey's Live" at 8:00.
That means FOMs will get the best vocals anywhere under the sky while they're under the sky.
Pretty Kool!!!

We Can't Wait!!!

See You Here