Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Off to Nashville

Guys and Dolls

PA and I are off to Nashville tonight to pursue our country music careers.  But what a line-up she scheduled for FOMs for our time away.

Jonathan Anderson
will make his debut at "Mickey's Live".
Red will be behind the Mick for Team Trivia (She probably be about 10 minutes late, but don't worry, she'll be there)
"Bonus Quick Draw" from 5-10
$2.00 Coors and Coors Light
$3.50 Irish Ale

Matt Roehrig
is back with great country and live and on stage
Bud and Bud Light Bottles $2.00
Long Island Iced Tea $4.00

"Autumn Wind"
bring the classic to Mickey's Live
Bud and Bud Light Bottles $2.00
Sweet Revenge Cocktails $4.00

It'll be a blast

See You HERE Next Week