Monday, June 22, 2015

The Most Summer Specials Ever Anywhere

Guys and Dolls

Why is EVERYBODY Talking?????

Cause the just got a list of Mickey's new Summer Specials:

For Example:
Beer:        Busch Light Drafts                               $1.00 (12 oz)
Liquor:     Martini Monday - 7 Kinds/                 $3.00
Lunch:     Chile and Grilled Cheese                     $6.50

Beer:         Miller/Miller Lite Bottles                   $2.00
Liquor:     Amer. Honey/Fireball                        $2.50
Lunch:      Salad Day Chick/Chef/Tuna              $6.00

Beer:         Blue/Blue Light                                   $2.00
Liquor:     Royal Flushes                                      $3.00
Lunch:      Cheeseburger Soup & 1/2 Sand.       $6.50

Beer:         Coors/Coors Light                              $2.00
Liquor:      Irish Ale                                              $3.50
Lunch:       Veal Culet (Parm) and Fries            $6.50

Beer:          Bud and Bud Light                            $2.00
Liquor:      Long Island Iced Tea                         $4.00
Lunch:       Fish/Shrimp Fry & Mac & Cheese  $8.95

And There's More to Come Tommorow!!!

I'll Be Broke.....But It's Gonna Be a Blast!!!

See You Here