Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This Week at Mickey's

Guys and Dolls

Wednesday is Your Favorite Specials at Mickey's Day
Lunch:              Cheeseburger Soup
Happy Hour:   Garlic Pizza
Drink:               Royal Flush
Beer:                          Blue and Blue Light

Thursday the Entertainment/Weekend Starts
Entertainment:     Travis Rocco Acoustic Rock on Stage
Gambling:             Bonus Quick Draw
Trivia:                    Team Trivia
Drink:                    Irish Ale
Beer:                      Coors and Coors Light

Friday it's Rap
Entertainment:      Ryan Bronson on Stage
Beer:                       Bud and Bud Light
Drink:                     Long Island Iced Tea

Saturday it's Rock
Entertainment:       "The Red Eyes" on Stage
Beer:                       Bud and Bud Light

Mickey's Summer Just Keeps Getting Better

See You Here