Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This Weekend at Mickey's

Guys and Dolls

Well Alex has been safely deposited in Atlanta.
Court and AJ will soon be in their new house.
So PA and are once again (and hopefully, permanently) Empty Nesters.

And you know what that means....... I can now spend ALL my time at Mickeys'!!!!!!

And my new found freedom gets off to a great start this week...and the next week.... and the next week!!!!

$100 Team Trivia
50% Bonus Quick Draw
$3.50 Irish Ale - Now I tried this two weeks ago and it was great.. So, During Trivia I'm going to buy EVERYBODY playing one ... You're goin' love it (but don't tell PA, you know how cheap she is)
The Donald Show at 9:00 - The GOP the Donald center stage... Do not miss this, it is going to be ......... Different?!?!?!?
You'll want to tell you grandchildren about this one!!!
Better even than the moon landing!!!!!

Mickey's Fave "Rhythm Road" back on stage with GREAT Country, Classics, Vocals and Acoustics at Mickey's Live at 8:00


It's Karaoke on Stage with DJ Jeff Thomas
and Open Pool and Juke inside.

What do we have coming up????  Well only the best month long end of summer party in History!!!!!:
August 14th "Dakota Moon"
August 15th "Relic"
August 20th "Suspect"
August 21st The Labatt Blue Girls
August 22nd Tim and Ben
August 29th "Lando on Fire"
September 9th Mickey's Fantasy Football Daft
September 13th Mickey's NFL Kick Golf Tournament and Open Bar

It is going to be a BLAST

See you here