Wednesday, October 14, 2015

$10,000 andTexas Holdem Tonight

Guys and Dolls

In case you didn't hear, Mickey's had a
$10,000 Quick Draw Winner
yesterday!!!!  No to be greedy, but just image if that happened Thursday during bonus Trivia.... What the heck, let's get greedy!!!

Tonight at Mickey's it's our second week of
Texas Hold'em and Omaha!!!
We start dealing at 7:15 so don't be late!!

And Tomorrow I'm back behind the mike for
Team Trivia
50% Bonus Trivia
The Falcons vs. The Saints; and
Mickey's Bucket of Beer Special.

And Friday its
Waverly Homecoming featuring
Waverly vs. Windsor
And Great Country with
Tim Wood and Jake Parshall

We can't wait!!

See You Here