Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Something New, Some Returning

Guys and Dolls

Tired of the same old, same old!!!
Well this Friday will definitely NOT fit that category!
That's because, for the first time in Valley, Mickey's will present
"Under Construction"
Who the heck are "Under Construction"????
Well, They're a 50s and 60s Dance band!!!!
That's What!!!!!
So come one and all, Young and Old and listen to the great songs that started this thing we call Rock and Roll!!!!\
It will be KOOL!!!!

And Wednesday (Tonight) is the first night for the winter season of
Texas Hold'em and Omaha!!!
Test your skill against other FOMs for real $$$$$$$$
If you can't be here for the initial hand at 7:30, no worries.  Players drop in and out ALL NIGHT.

And Saturday, back home at Mickey's it's
"Lando on Fire"
from 8:00 to 1:00

And we'll have the
Waverly v. Greene Football
 game about 9:30 on Saturday night as Mickey's Favorite Team gets back on track in their push for the playoffs.

And of course, it's
"Sunday Football Funday" 
with the entire NFL and a special $5.99 All You Can Eat Buffet featuring Pizza, Meatballs, and Pasta. 

And Thursday, Mr. Big will be behind the mike with the hardest
Team Trivia
 of the season, just after
50% Bonus Quick Draw!! 
And, we're going to have
Open Pool and our Bucket Special
during the Steelers Game!!!

You gotta be kidding me!!
Poker Tonight;
Trivia, Bonus Quick Draw, Open Pool and the NFL Thursday;
Rock and Roll and Waverly Football on Friday;
"Lando of Fire" and NCAA Football on Saturday;
The Entire NFL and All You Can Eat on Sunday!!
You can stay at home and clean the house!!!!

See You Here!!!