Friday, December 11, 2015

Buffalo Bills Tickets

Guys and Dolls

Once again Will Davenport and Tammy have made it possible for Mickey's to help make sure Christmas is GREAT for a lot of deserving kids.

Will and Tammy have donated their tickets to the Buffalo Bills/Dallas Cowboys game on December 17th.

Mickey's is raffling the tickets off for $5.00

So here's the plan,
1.  Pay 5 Bucks
2.  Make some kids happy
3.  Maybe take a date to the game.

Every nickel goes to a local charity or organization!!!!

Everybody wins!!!

Get you tickets at the bar anytime before now and next Sunday, December 20th.

Better yet, pick them up tomorrow and catch the best band around when "Relic" returns to Mickey's.

Its a great way of doing something good without getting caught!!!

See You Here