Saturday, January 16, 2016

Redds Playoff Special

Guys and Dolls

This is really KOOL!!!

Redds Apple Ale has chosen Mickey's for a great NFL Playoff Promotion.

Here's how it works.

Buy a Redds Apple Ale during the ANY playoff game.
Your Name goes into a bucket.

When EITHER Team reaches the Red Zone we draw a name.
The winner gets their choice of Prizes... Tee Shirts, Reeds Mugs etc.

This will go on through the Super Bowl with a SPECIAL BIG Prize (I don't even know what it will be yet) to be given out at some time during the Big Game.

We'll be kicking this off at 4:30 for the Chiefs and Pats and at 8:00 for the Packers and Cardinals!!

Don't Miss It

And yes, Domestic Bottles are still $2.00 during the games

And, yes, Jonathan Anderson will be here with great acoustic at 8:00..

See You Here