Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drinks on the Patio and Poker and New Bartender

Guys and Dolls

Mickey's meteorologist has informed us that its going to be

Sunny and 70 today at five
As a result, I just got approval to move the

Music and Corn Hole out on the patio.  
And it's only  March so take advantage of it....... Remember last year at this time, burrrrrr........ Great weather:FOMs deserve it.

And, it looks the same for St. Patrick's Day.....
St. Patty's Day outside at Mickey's........
Ruben Pizzas and Corn Beef on Rye ... We'll be opening early and closing late so get yourselves ready!!

And don't forget that tonight I'll be trying to end my 4 week losing streak at Texas Hold'em.  So be here at 7:00.

And, with Spring coming so fast Mickey's is going to need another bartender to help us tend to the Tiki Hut..... So if you know someone interested, have them get in touch with PA... We have a JAMMED packed summer schedule so we need to get someone trained now!!!!

Friday: "Autumn Wind"

Saturday: Scott Johnson - in his ONLY Valley appearance until Summer

We can't wait

See you Here