Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patty's and So Much More

Guys and Dolls

Yesterdays Blog included all the great things Mickey's has planned for St. Patty's Day
Great Food: Rueben Pizza, Rubens
Great Music: "Friends with Bennies"
Drink Specials: Jamison, IL Iced Tea,
Irish Car Bombs

And Tonight it's Texas Hold'em at 7:15

But what FOMs are really excited about is that this is
"The Best Week In Sports Outside of Football"

Check-Out this line-up

2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships
Round #1 12:00        Round #2 7:00
Quarterfinals 11:00      Semis 8:00
Medal Rounds 11:00     Finals 8:00
2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament
Round #1
Thursday at Noon
Round #1
Friday at Noon
 Round #2
Saturday and Sunday
Times to be Announced