Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vote, Vote, Vote and St. Patty's

 Guys and Dolls

Today is Election Day in the Village of Waverly!!

And remember, your vote helps keep the "Worst Bartender in the World"  out from behind the bar.  And while you're at it, vote for the rest of the Progressive Party.  The poles are open until 9:00 at the Village Hall on Ithaca Street.

And in case you didn't know it: Thursday is St. Patty's Day (No, not PA).  And Mickey's has got a line-up that just can't be beat:

Mickey’s Saint Patrick’s Day: Thursday

   Large Reuben Pizza      
     Personal Reuben Pizza     
          Reuben Sand.           


Drink Specials
                  Royal Flushes                 
       Irish Car Bombs    
24 Ounce Bud Light in 
        Green Cans        

Live Music with
Friends with Benny’s
Ben, Jake, Mike and More

First Rounds of Both the NCAA Basketball and Wrestling Tournaments
Starting at 12:00
We Open at 11:30 Thursday
We Can't Wait!!!!
See You Here