Monday, April 4, 2016

Boy, Did I Screw Up!!!

Guys and Dolls

Please accept my apologies.

For what you may ask?????

Well as soon as a announce that Tim and Jake would be opening the 2016 Season of "Mickey's Live" on May 13th, what happens????

It starts snowing for the first time this winter.  That's What!!

So no more looking ahead!!!!
We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope that the weather Gods forgive my breach of etiquette and the warm dry stuff returns soon!!

But boy did those two put on a great show Saturday Night..... although I came down with some strange ailment that made PA take me home early, EVERYBODY had a great time..... the morning, not so!!!

But I digress, its time to look ahead, and what a great week its gong to be!!!!

It's Mickey's NCAA Final featuring
$2.00 16 ounce Bud Lights in special NCAA cans.
Wednesday, as you undoubtedly know, is my birthday!!!  And as a special treat for myself, I will drink 62 shots of American Honey....... well, at least I'll buy 62 shots so drop in and give me a hand!!!  And feel free to visit me in ICU during regular visiting hours on Thursday!!!
And we'll be playing Texas Hold'em at 7:15
Thursday:  MXG is back behind the mike for Team Trivia
Sit back an relax to the mellow rock of Mickey's fave"Autumn Wind"
It won't be mellow cause:
Back at last with the best vocals and Music ANYWHERE it's
Return to Mickey's
It's going to be a blast
See you Here