Tuesday, June 28, 2016

50 Years Ago Today

Guys and Dolls

I was reminded recently that Today is a very special Day in the history of Waverly!!
 (Okay, maybe not in the history of Waverly, but at least in the history of me)

On June 28, 1966 the Aronstam family left NYC in the White Knight and arrived in Waverly.  And what a great move it was!! 
Where else in the world could a "scared out of his mind 14 year old" end up having so many wonderful and varied experiences: High School Sports Galore, the Fearsome Foursome, Sayre Girls, Perfect Children (well, may perfect is a little strong), Perfect Wife (well, maybe perfect isn't strong enough) New York Muscle, the School Board, Bodybuilding Championships, the Village Board, Power Lifting Records, Mickey's Pub, Aronstam Associates etc. etc. etc.

And where else in the world can you live and really know your neighbors, form lifetime bonds and, like the song says. "where everybody knows your name ".

The Valley truly is a unique place to grow up.  So I say a little thank you everyday that my parents were astute enough to realize these qualities those many moons ago. 

So, after tonight's Board Meeting I'm gong to stop at Mick's (what a surprise) and have a Honey or two and reflect on just how lucky we all are. 

Hope to see you here