Thursday, June 23, 2016

Back from the Dead

Guys and Dolls

You thought the Zombie Apocalypse was scary....... That's child's play compared to what I just went through!!!

Tuesday my computer's hard drive crashed.... and I mean crashed, crackled and popped.  No internet, no QuickBooks, no banking, no blogging no email, no nothing!!!

It's so serious that the local specialists to send the patient away  to hard drive ICU to see if it can be revived.

So in the mean time I am reproducing what I can and am putting on a strong front.

What should you care??????

Well, for starters, tonight's trivia should be really interesting.  I've be up since the crack of noon redoing the WHOLE thing (It was completed and on my afore mentioned, former, and hope to be future hard drive!!!

And speaking of tonight, the weather will be great;
Matt Roehrig
is back for the first time on stage
this summer with GREAT Country;

It's Bonus Quick Draw;
It's Wing Night;
The Tiki opens with happy hour at 5:00.

I'm feeling better already!!!

And don't forget

"Under Construction Friday" and
"Ampersand Project" on Saturday

Note from the Village: Saturday's Parks and Recreation Golf Tournament had to be postponed (Graduation Weekend) until the fall......... We'll keep you posted

See You Here