Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Four Nights of Music at Mickey's

Guys and Dolls

It's hard to believe that the summer's coming to an end,
The nights are cooler;
Kids are getting ready to go back to school; and
The days are shorter!!

But Mickey's isn't gong down without a fight!!!
This week is:
Mickey's Biggest Music
Week of the Summer

Just look at this line-up!!

Wednesday we have a special Mickey's Live featuring
Ben Borko
(and Texas Hold'em, of course)

Mickey's Live Thursdays brings back FOM fave
Jeff Thomas
with Karaoke and all you favorites
(with bonus Quick Draw and Trivia)

Friday, on stage will be Rock and Roll at its' best with

Saturday, the boys are back at Mickey's when, for the only time this summer, it's
"One Day Done"

Now How can you beat that????

And I just found out for sure that we have
back on September 10th
Justin Raynor
on September 16th

What a way to end the Summer!!!

And don't forget to sign-up for Mickey's NFL Golf Tournament and Open Bar September 11th.

Summer may be waning back football is coming!!

See you here