Thursday, September 1, 2016

$100 Trivia Tonight

Guys and Dolls

What a lineup Mickey's has tonight to start the Holiday Weekend off in style (Mickey's Style, that is)!!!!! 
That is, of course, if you weren't here last NIGHT... They tell me it was a blast but the details are a little fuzzy.

Anyway, tonight will be Heroic:
1.  $100 Team Trivia with MXG
2.  Bonus Quick Draw
3.  Karaoke and Favorites on stage with Jeff Thomas
4.  Tiki opens at 5:00
5.  And College Football with Tennessee, Indiana, USC and Oregon State.

AFA recommendation: Just call in sick tomorrow and have yourself a four day weekend.

And, check out our new TVs: Bigger and ALL High Definition.

I can't wait to see the Wolverines in 49 inch splendor (that's Saturday, don't miss it).

After all:
What could be better than a
Wolverine Victory and "Relic"!!

What a Bar

See You Here