Friday, September 23, 2016

Right Turn Clyde Tonight

Guys and Dolls

Tonight, for the first time ever on our stage it's

"Right Turn Clyde"

They have promised us the BEST rock and roll show of he season, and we believe it!!!!

The weather will be perfect: 65 at show time and will stay in the 60s ALL NIGHT!!!
Our Tiki Happy Hour starts at 5:00.

So don't miss it-our luck has to run out soon: or maybe not!

And Tomorrow "Under Construction" returns:

And, as our FOM Football Fans already know,

Mickey's is the only place with ALL the games

The NFL Package, the PAC 12 Network, the Big Ten Network, the SEC Network and ALL the national games!!!!

And AJ just announced that starting this Tuesday it will be
"Mickey's Taco Tuesdays"

ALL DAY Featuring:
Hard Shelled Tacos,
Soft Shell Tacos,
Taco Salad and
Taco Soup

We Can't Wait
See You Here