Friday, October 7, 2016

The RedEyes Under the Stars Tonight

Guys and Dolls

In what will undoubtedly by the last outside show of the season,
"The RedEyes"
Will rock Mickey's Live Tonight

The Tiki will open at 5:00 and the show at 8:30

Mickey's News Bulletin:
Apparently the combination of AJ and PA just isn't working!!!!


Just look what they're doing for

Mickey's Sunday Football Funday

1.  Happy hour prices ALL DAY;
2.  Complimentary jello shots whenever Either the Jets or Steelers score;
3.  Big Bud Light Bucket Special - That's 4 * 16oz aluminum bottles in a bucket for $10;
4. Special Football Appetizer Menu.

How, may I ask, am I supposed to make any money when they insist on Giving Away the Store!!!!

If anybody knows any potential wife and manager candidates,  please forward me their resumes!!!

In the mean time,

See You Here