Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trivia and Waverly Play In

Guys and Dolls

Tomorrow night at Waverly War Memorial we need ALL FOMs at 7:00. 

Why???? you ask

Because we'll be watching 
One Game Section Four Play In Game!!

That's correct, Coach Miller's team has come all the way back from a challenging start, against the hardest schedule in the Section, and is now ONE WIN away from the playoffs.  In my opinion, the best coaching job I've seen!! Against terrible odds, our Wolverines are One Game away from keeping their post-season string going.  We could not be more proud of these young men!!

So it's Friday, 7:00, Waverly War Memorial - DO NOT MISS IT

And, as always, MESPN will have the replay immediately after the game.  We even canceled our scheduled band as to not interfere with the broadcast.

Instead it's Open Bar Juke Box and Pool and All True Fans of the Wolverines.

And, don't forget tonight when Mr. Big is back behind the mike for the Best Team Trivia in the Valley, as well as Bonus Quick Draw and Wing Night.

We Can't Wait

See You Here