Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Brittany Thomas Tomorrow

Guys and Dolls

Sometimes, if you're good,  you get exactly what you want for Christmas.  Take this year for example.

Alex walked up to Santa at the mall and sat on his lap
Santa was a little taken aback because he didn't usually get requests from adults.
But Santa was very happy when Alex smiled and said very politely "I want to get something for my mother".  
"That is very thoughtful" Santa replied, "And what does your mother want?"
Without a moments hesitation Alex replied, "A son-in-law!"
And this year, PA will get just that.

Don't forget:

Brittany Thomas
Tomorrow night in her ONLY show in the Valley this season!!!
Immediately after Trivia ..... Don't Miss It!!!!

And, of course, Friday it's the best country around with
Tim and Jake

And Sunday its
Mickey's BIG Christmas Eve Bash and Buffet and
The Entire NFL ALL Day.

Merry Christmas

See You Here