Thursday, March 16, 2017

It ALL Starts Today at Noon

Guys and Dolls

There is so much gong on this weekend that I all a can do is list them:

1. Patty spoke to the man upstairs and told him "Hey man, enough with the weather!!!!!"  So look outside it's beautiful!!

2.  At noon today, the NCAA Wrestling Championships start and Mickey's is the ONLY place to see ALL the Rounds.  So its Wrestling ALL day and night for 3 Short Days.

3.  At noon today, March Madness starts and, again, Mickey's is the Only place that will have ALL THE Games.  Today through Sunday.

4.  MXG will be hosting Team Trivia Tonight at 7:00 along with Bonus Quick Draw.

5.  Tomorrow its St. Patrick's Day and Mickey's is, as always, the Official Capital of the Irish Speaking World (for one day anyway).  So get here early for Ruebens and Rueben Pizza, Prizes, Irish Shots and Bombs.

6.  And we top off St. Patty's with our favorite Irish Band
at 8:30
Ok, Ok, They're Rock and Roll but how may times can you listen to "Danny Boy" and My Irish Eyes" before you go nuts!!

It's going to be a blast!!!

See You Here