Wednesday, April 5, 2017

$100 Trivia, Texas, and National Holiday

Guys and Dolls

I just can't believe it!!!!
63 years Old Tomorrow!!!
PA says it's definitely time to find a newer model!
(So, maybe it's not  all bad news)

That means tomorrow I have to drink 63 shots of American Honey.
I have it all figured out: If I start at noon, all I have to do is drink 1 shot every 10 minutes and I'll be done by 10:00.
And since tomorrow night it Trivia Night I usually do 20 anyway, so it will be a piece of cake!!
So come down and help me celebrate!!
And no driving worries, I'll give you a ride home!!

Tonight: Texas Hold'em at 7:00

Bonus Quick Draw
$100 Team Trivia
Wing Night
The 63 Shot Challenge
The First Round of the Masters


April 27th
The NFL Draft


The MLB Package is Back
Every Game Every Week

First Bike Night
May 16th

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