Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Guys and Dolls

Goodbye Dear, Football is Here!!!!

It's that time of the year that ALL FOMs live for!!!!
And Mickey's, as always, is the 

Valley's Official Football Headquarters

Just a Taste of What we have lined up for YOU!!

September 6th
Mickey's Pub Annual
Fantasy Draft and Open Bar and Buffet

We only allow 12 teams
Preference goes to returning teams
So Sign up now!!!

September 7th
NFL Season Opener
New England vs. Kansas City

September 10th
Mickey's 6th Annual
NFL Kick-Off Golf Tournament
and Open Bar and Banquet

The Signup Sheet went up today
We limit it to 16 four man teams
(We have to get back for kickoff)
The Entire NFL on screen
We can shows EVEN MORE games this year
Don't Miss Out-Sign Up Today

August 12th
Waverly High School's
Quarterback Clubs Golf Tournament

That's THIS Saturday
Mickey's has a team
So if you haven't signed up yet,
Call Coach Miller IMMEDIATELY
(If you don't know how, call me and I'll help you out)
These are our kids, our team, our town and our school,
so let's ALL get behind them.

Tomorrow I'll get back to you regarding
In NCAA Football History.

And get here tonight for
Bike Night featuring
"Friends with Benny's"
On Stage at 6:00
And Taco Tuesday

We Can't Wait

See You Here