Saturday, September 2, 2017

Congrats All The Way Around

Guys and Dolls

What a Great Labor Day Weekend!!!!


Well, I'll Tell You!!!!!

1. Coach Miller's Wolverines won their Season Opener with an exciting 14-7 road win over a highly touted (I love that word)    Windsor Black Knight team.  The game had EVERYTHING you could ask for including a game ending 7 play goal line stand.  And do you know how the young men are celebrating today?  They're spending the morning in the weight room. Talk about dedication!!!!

So, what does that mean to me?????

That means you get your ******s to War Memorial next Friday to cheer your team on.......  It's a very special "Wounded Warrior" night.  And, of course, get to Mickey's right after the game for a Big Party, including live music on the patio!!!!

2.  Peyton Miller, I think he's related to someone mentioned in #1, has been named the starting QB for Utica College.  This comes as NO surprise to any of us who had the pleasure of watching him for the past 3 years!!!  His first game is tonight!!!!  Good Luck to a Mickey's Hall of Famer!!!!

Trivia - Name the former Waverly football players that have been regular starters at the college level since 1970.  I can think of only seven.

3.  A special congratulations to ME!!!!  After 63 years, I am a Grandfather!!!!!!  Andrew Aronstam, III (just kidding) arrived last Thursday (While I was at a School Board Meeting-Boy did I take heat for that).   Patty's new name is Mimi (pronounced Me-Me).  I am Papa Stud (just kidding).  Complete details will follow under a separate communication. 

With so much to celebrate, make sure you get to Mickey's TONIGHT!!!! 
At 7:00 we'll have  OPEN JUKE BOX plus

#1 Alabama vs. #3 Florida State
Michigan vs. Florida

We'll have lots of fun and specials.

What a Great Life!!!
What a Great Town!!!
What a Great Bar!!!

See You Here