Saturday, October 21, 2017

Well Now My Life's Complete (Almost)

Guys and Dolls

As ALL FOMs know by now, Alex just got married...
This is Good....

Then, this morning, she announces that she has brought a house -
With a in-law suite for ---
Guess Who?
This is also good (but may be expensive)

Now, she is on her way to Mexico for her honeymoon and, I'm sure, to go for the Trifecta...
This is very good (but, again, stressful on her father!!!!

But what can I do??????

What any good father would do in these times of trial and tribulation....
Lose myself in Football, Baseball, and Booze!!!!
And, I picked the PERFECT NIGHT for it!!!!

So tonight please join me for what appears to be the
Best Day of the Fall Sports Season

Starting at 7:30 it's

#2 Penn State vs. #19 Michigan

#13 Notre Dame vs. #11 USC

And at 8:00

Game Seven of the ALCS
New York Yankees
Houston Astros

What more can I say!!!

See You Here