Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mickeys Alert

Guys and Dolls

Patty talked to the weather Gods and they have reached an agreement. 
No rain until Sunday Afternoon!!!!

Now why is this so important? you may ask!

Well, first, Tonight live and on stage for the LAST TIME this year it's
"Diana and the Crew"
It may get a little chilly, so big a sweater
But the Music will be HOT

And tomorrow is the BIGGEST DAY of Mickey's Year!!!

The NFL Opens with EVERY Game live
On Mickey's NFL Package
Mickey's Annual NFL Kickoff
Golf Tournament

Tee-off is at 8:00 at Hollybrook.  We did have one team drop out so there's room for one more foursome.  Sign up at the bar.  Don't Miss It!!!

And, going on right now we have
ALL the BIG Collage Games Playing.

Don't you just love fall!!

See You Here